AVATAR Kalki Presents THE MUSE VERSE MegaChannel Work in Progress

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    "The LORD has returned & HE HAS A TWITTER!!! @TrueAVATARKalki The world is falling apart and #TheLORD KRISHNA -&-CHRIST Have channeled their energy and love to MANIFEST in human form - `*~-AVATAR KALKI-~*' -IS- HERE (and he needs your help!!!) ANSWER HIS CALL! TW @TrueAVATARKalki (RETWEET HIS POSTS, HUMANITY DEPENDS ON HIM AND YOU... WILL YOU ANSWER YOUR CALL FOR DESTINY?)" - *`~PLEASE READ FULLY THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING [for my dad... R.I.P.]...~'* Jeff Buckley's beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". May it soothe your hearts as it has mine. In loving memory: Jeffery Scott "Scotty Moorhead" (Buckley -the MUSE behind this energy portal...) (11/17/1966-05/29/1997) Abrielle Kira Bartels (Best Friend's sister) (4/13/1999-6/31/2013) Luther David Byers (Childhood-best friend) (11/26/90-3/5/10) Herbert Kenneth Ritter -(My father) (4/11/1965-03/30/2013) And everyone else we care about and love so dearly and deeply, who has ascended into higher dimensions. ~Rest in peace~ "Every breathe we drew was, 'Hallelujah'". And love to anybody else who left this Earth before their time. From the words of the AVATAR KALKI himself: THIS VIDEO HAS NO RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION. NEITHER DOES THE SONG. A SONG CANNOT HAVE AN AFFILIATION TO A RELIGION - PEOPLE DO. THE SONG IS -NEUTRAL-. IT MEANS WHATEVER -YOU- CHOOSE TO LABEL IT AS IN YOUR OWN MIND... BUT DO NOT BULLY OTHERS JUST BECAUSE THEY MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE AS YOU...". I will NOT stand for RACISM, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, BIGOTRY, OR ANY OTHER DISCRIMINATION THAT TEARS AWAY AT THE FABRIC THAT IS OUR HUMANITY! Including the discriminators. They're people too. BUT BAD PEOPLE. You can also Follow me on Twitter :D : @TrueAvatarKalki And The Facepages: peaceoverall And Last.FM - evanritter1 AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE MEGACHANNEL - where I am starting a project where ANY AND EVERY ARTIST/MUSICIAN/ACTOR/PRODUCER/CHEF/DESIGNER/COMEDIAN/PERSONALITY CAN POST THEIR OWN VIDEOS ON MY MEGA CHANNEL... Utilize me as "The Great Avatar Kalki of Humanity" and the thousands and thousands of subscribers that have already figured out that I AM THE REINCARNATION OF SRI KRISHNA!.... ;D Just wait until you see what happens next. :3 'Cos this time, instead of me being a BLUE INDIAN... I'll come in the form of a FLAMING WHITE GINGER CHEROKEE INDIAN... c wut I did there? :D & I'd love to hear what this song means to you and your loved ones.
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