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    Introducing the exclusive Fire Wrap Grip Kit by Fire Maul™! Bring home our Pat. Pend. grip system for your own tools! The only made for Fireman grip kit! This kit includes enough supplies to complete two sets of grip. That is up to two tools or 16"- 20" of grip. Give your own tool that extra grip it needs, your forearms will thank you. Waterproof and seal your grip wrap. Our liquid hardener is heat rated to 572°F, surpassing NFPA 1971 temperature testing rates. The kit includes everything you need to have a custom wrap grip on your tool of choice. Our exclusive Fire Wrap Liquid Hardener solidifies the grip wrap to make a rock hard grip. Never worry about having to re-wrap your tools again! Complete your own custom wrap just the way you like it and bring it to the next level with our Liquid Hardener.
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