How to Overcome Failure with Matt Komo

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    In Episode 5 Gerard Adams sits down with Matt Komo. Matt Komo is one of the highest caliber content creators in the digital space. He is at the focal point of the entertainment industry, having filmed with the biggest artists and worked with some of the leading brands in the world. He can be seen collaborating with various musicians and prestigious networks including the likes of the Chainsmokers and MTV.  Matt’s collaboration in the production of the Chainsmoker's “Closer” music video has already garnered 2 Billion views and counting. In addition to his personal exploits across social media, Matt lead GoPro’s social content curation and distribution where he was able to build out the brand’s visual aesthetic by integrating his unique and instantly recognizable colors and style. During his nearly 3 years time there, Matt helped elevate the brand’s presence on Instagram from 3 million to 13.6 million while also bringing his creative input to multiple product launches and global initiatives which helped GoPro to become synonymous with some of the highest quality content in the world. His experience at the corporate level has given him the ability to seamlessly integrate brands into his cohesive visual aesthetic that permeates throughout all of his content. Matt's reach now extends far beyond his own platform, with average video views far exceeding the hundreds of thousands already subscribed to his channel. He has truly become one of the most influential filmmakers in the space and is looked to for advice and inspiration by thousands of professional and amateur creatives alike. The value of Matt's content and brand is viral and growing and his productions only continue to get better. Leave your comments about this episode below and subscribe. Sign up to our newsletter: Cop some LCL Merch: Watch the Behind the Scenes: Follow Gerard Adams: Twitter: Free MAP Report: To Follow Matt: Youtube: Instagram: Follow the LCL Team Director - Jeffrey Castillo - Photographer - Brian Rosario - Producers: Ashley Cline - Samantha Wes - Music Score by Justyn Cruz -
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    The University of Kansas, FMS 530 Video essay Discussing Sam Kiolder, and Matt Komo's film style and analyze it with National Geographic's.
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    A decade ago Taylor was homeless and almost dropped out of high school. Last year he founded social media marketing software company PopSocial, which in ...
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    Watch Full Episode here: In this clip I share a story about traveling to participate in a Sacred Shaman Ritual. My experience was ...
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    today's vlog you're coming to Lake Tahoe with Bo and I for his birthday! this is our first birthday celebration as a married couple!!! we had the best time!
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    Aisha Bowe is an aerospace engineer who started her career working with NASA and now is the CEO of STEMBoard, a technology company, that is solving the ...
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    Had the pleasure of meeting a big inspiration of mine yesterday. Thank you Matt for hosting the meetup and for taking the time to talk to us and to just hang out!
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    Episode 3 of Season 4 "Leaders Create Leaders." Gerard Adams sits down to discuss what it means to be a conscious creator and how to leave the "Matrix" with ...
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    Leaders Create Leaders is a Video Series on Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Idealists, and the stories of how they hustled their way to the top. These Conscious ...
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    The Untold Story of Rory Kramer The best way to describe Rory Kramer would be the phrase "Professional life liver," as he strives to live each day to the fullest, ...
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    In this new Episode of Leaders Create Leaders we dive deep into the untold story of Kerby Jean-Raymond. He went from growing up in east side of Flatbush to ...
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    Jean Enersen has a look at the Healthlink story we'll have for you tonight on KING 5 News at 5pm.
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    Episode 56 I sit down with my good friend/professional videographer and life liver Rory Kramer. Rory grew up in Indiana filming his crazy stunts and ...
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    Sydney band Darker Half performing a song called The Evil That Men Do, live at The Basement - Back Room. July 15, 2017.
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    John Henry is Venture Partner of Harlem Capital Partners where he focuses on operational improvements, deal sourcing, brand management and investor ...
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    On June 14, 2014, the University of Washington honored the graduating class of 2014 at the University's 139th Commencement Exercises. Coverage begins ...
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    Kayla Itsines went from training clients in her moms backyard to now traveling the world having bootcamps in sold out stadiums! She has been tranforming ...
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    13 Year old makes millions off of popular game Fortnite. Find out how this 13 year old boy makes millions off of Fortnite. This Fortnite game is making millions off ...
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    In Episode 7 of Season 4 we dive into the untold story of Ed Mylett. Ed Mylett is an American entrepreneur and peak performance expert. He is also the Founder ...
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    In this episode of Leaders Create Leaders, Gerard Adams meets chiropractor and energy guru Donny Epstein to talk about whether "the grind" is good for you.
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    In Episode 6 of Season 4 we dive into the untold story of Ainsley Rodriguez. Leave your comments about this episode below and subscribe. Sign up to our ...
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    You haven't heard sugar and spice until you've heard Miami-born DaniLeigh — with a sultry voice that's punctuated by bold delivery and a carefree attitude, the ...
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    This is part 1 of a series of 4 videos. Welcome to "Technology And World Change", a guest seminar initiated by Professor. Pamela Lim of the Singapore ...
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    Train Sim World, CSX Heavy Haul. Turntable Tutorial with possible glitch where monitor in shed on turntable seems to point the wrong direction to overcome this ...
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    Bradley Theodore is a visual artist. Born in the Turks and Caicos Islands, he now resides in New York City and London. Theodore gained prominence as an ...
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    Episode 1 of Season 4 "Leaders Create Leaders." Gerard Adams sits down to discuss what it means to be a conscious creator and balancing of the ego with the ...
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    Gerard Adams sits down with the amazing Mel Robbins on Episode 4 of Leaders Create Leaders. In this full 1 hour length interview they discuss: 1. Mel shares a ...
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    Follow the adventure! This trip for me represents a special time in my life that I'll always hold close to my heart. The entire ...
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    Emmy-nominated host of Brain Games, the highest-rated show in National Geographics history, Jason Silva is a masterful content creator. Prepare to . Jason ...
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